What's Google My Business Account, and why it's important?

What is a Google My Business Profile?

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Google’s business profiles are free listings for businesses listed on Google. First, you can upload a detailed profile photo for your businesses, including your name, service, or products. Then, create an online profile and increase visibility on Google services .

For example, your Google Business Profile will appear in Google Search, GoogleMaps, or Amazon. The Google profiles can only be used by businesses contacting clients or customers. These include physically located businesses (such as restaurants or stores) and businesses offering specialized services that meet clients elsewhere, like consultants or plumbers.

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Why do I need a Google My Business account?

Why do I need a Google My Business account?

Your Google business profile helps your customers discover, learn and communicate with you anywhere. There are some advantages to using a Google My Business account, but considering its disadvantages is not enough. The business may be going down.

According to data from BrightLocal, 68.8% of customers would stop using local businesses if they found inaccurate online information. Your credibility will suffer.

Start a Google My Business Profile.

Login to your Google account. Once you log in, you can find Google my business from the Google Apps section in the top right corner. Choose Google my business, and then type your business name. If your business was active before you took it over and the previous owner registered the business with Google my business, you can find the name and claim it as your business. If your business is new, follow the steps and register your new business profile on your google my business account.

Add your business name and category to your Google my business profile.

Add your business name and category to your Google business profile.

When creating new profiles, then add your business name and category. Your name should always correspond to your company name. Please avoid adding any keywords as they may violate Google rules. Instead, select your product that fits well in your market.

You’ll be able to edit this within the profile later. Visit this site for advice on choosing a good GBP category for a business.

Add your business contact information.

You should include the same Name, Address & Phone number (NAP) on your website and across the internet to help your local SEO. Add your website URL, your email address – it’s better to use a professional email address like info@businessname.com– and a booking page if necessary.

Add Your Business Description to your Google my business profile.

This company description helps customers determine if the product or services are right for them. This section contains about 900 character words and is designed to give you the best possible information for your business.

Photos & Videos for your Google Business Profiles.

Photos & Videos for your Google Business Profiles

GBP logos are a big part of the imagery. It may be impossible for images to get the highest exposures. Google suggests businesses use their logo for branding. Other digital assets which are worth mentioning in a GBP are:

Does your business have a physical location?

Does your business have a physical location?

When the business has physical locations for people to see and talk to, communicating with them is a must. If so, then pick ‘Yes’ and then click Next. Businesses may operate online or in physical locations without customer visits, so select the alternative.

Warning: Avoid the temptation of falsely showing a physical address to manipulate local rankings. If this is violated, it is possible that the listing will be suspended or withdrawn altogether.

Add your business hours to your Google My Business account.

It is crucial for prospective clients to know their hours of operation and contact you. Therefore, it is critical that the hour you specified is accurate and that it is constantly updated if you need any changes.

In addition, the timing of your operation may be interrupted at the time of your visit. In those situations, it is wise to inform people. How can you manage opening times using Google Business Profiles easily?

What you need to claim and verify your business profile on Google?

By now, you’re required to create and verify an account with Google My Business to get the highest results for local search – and even the top results on Google. However, this process is straightforward. Claim your business profile on google, and Google will ask you for the verification method depending on the location and the business condition.

Verify your business profile on the Google My Business account.

Verify your business profile on the Google My Business account

In some situations, there is no possibility of selecting a confirmation method. For example, if a message appears on your GMB dashboard, you can go back to your dashboard and input the code you entered. Sometimes there is the possibility of phone confirmation. If you are eligible, there is an option to confirm by telephone on my account.

You can check the link to the correct page by clicking the “Visit now” button. Give me this code, then. Sometimes you’ll not get the postcards, and they can have problems verifying your identity.

or products. Create an online profile and increase visibility on Google services. Your Google Business Profile will appear in Google Search, GoogleMaps, or Amazon. The Google profiles can only be used by businesses contacting clients or customers.

These include physically located businesses (such as restaurants or stores) and businesses offering specialized services that meet clients in other places like consultants or plumbers.

Optimize your Google My Business profile.

Now is an excellent time for optimization on Google My Business . Log into your dashboard and click on your business. You are putting all your data on a reputable website and want it all in one place—complete everything you can. In addition to being more detailed in your profiles, the more likely you will appear in the local search engines. Tell Me the best element that needs optimizing.

Add Messaging to your Google my business account.

Accepting messages in GBP is the ideal method for connecting your target audiences and increasing sales. However, this functionality will work only when managed consistently in your environment.

The inability to reply to messages creates poor user experiences that can damage your business reputation. Please click the button requesting acceptance. You can pause or delete it anytime.

Get reviews from happy customers.

Get reviews from happy customers

Potential buyers are interested in seeing how you do business to help them make an informed decision about purchasing a product or service. Review can also improve the effectiveness of search results.

Respond to reviews. It usually works best when you thank your customers for their time. Respond to negative reviews; it’s worth trying to answer them and understand what would make them better. After solving that problem, ask them if they’d be willing to change the review or let you know what would make it better in a new one.


Is Google My Business Free?

Yes, registering for an online business is free. Create your free business profile and manage your business using Google Maps.

How do I access my Google business page?

It is possible to find out more about business profiles via Google Maps mobile app or Google search. First, download Google Maps for mobiles. Then, use the Google account you used to submit an online form on a business website to get started. Then you need a Google Maps account, and you must tap your profile image and name

What is Google My Business used for?

Google’s profile helps business owners and organizations increase visibility on Google. For help with locating clients, you may also edit business data.

Is Google My Business worth it?

Does it work? The answer to this question is simple, yes. Local searches form a vital part of digital advertising – and Google My Business is growing as it grows every day.

What is a Google business listing?

Google Business Profile offers free business listings for Google’s customers. You can upload pictures or information about your business, such as location, service, and product. Create an account on Google and get more visitors.

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