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We are a team of web designers and developers dedicated to making web design easy. Our boutique firm offers creative, professional, affordable designs because we like working with people as much as we love designing websites for business owners.

Web Design Services For online and Small businesses

  • Do you need a new website?

  • Do you need an online shop or an e-commerce website to sell your products or services online?

  • Are you a coach, consultant, or trainer and want to start your online business?

  • Do you have a website and want to redesign it for more traffic conversion and a better user experience?

As a professional web design, development, and marketing company, we offer a wide range of services to help businesses like yours stand out online. We can help you with everything from creating a responsive website that looks great on all devices to developing custom applications that streamline your processes.

We also offer SEO and social media marketing services to help you reach more customers and grow.


Web Design Services List:


CMS (Content management system) and E-Commerce Website Design

Content Management System (CMS) Websites are a perfect solution for those who want to update their website contents and products regularly and looking for a fast and reliable way to do that. With a CMS, you can access an admin dashboard to make changes to your website.
Also, if you are thinking of running your online shop or are an instructor and need a platform to put all your materials together and start teaching online, then we have solutions for you.

Our e-commerce web design and learning management system (LMS) design will help you start your online business without stress. Just focus on your products and content, and leave the rest to us.

Our experienced designers will take care of the website design, e-commerce platform integration, content administration, and more. We have several platforms to choose from, so you will find one that works for you.





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CSS Frameworks

CSS frameworks are trendy in responsive front-end web development these days, and they make everything look great. The pros of using a CSS framework are that they were developed by big companies like Twitter so that you can rely on the quality of the code. Also, they built with the new CSS technologies like flex boxes and optimized for mobile-first development.


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Foundation ZURB



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Front End Website Development

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the foundation of web development. So to have a well-structured website, you need an error-free and clean HTML code, and then you need CSS to decorate your structure. If you think of adding interactivity to your website, then think about JavaScript and its magical power. Need a website? Contact us now!





Website design and development projects:

PIC2MOTION is a leading website design agency with an experienced team of expert website designers. Our designers create innovative, effective websites that capture your brand and improve conversion rates. These websites will maximize your revenue and help you achieve your go-to-market strategy.

You don't need just a Website; You Need an Effective Website

Your website is an essential piece of digital marketing strategy that leads to information gathering or sales. The effective website should follow these three simple rules:

  • Simple

  • Well thought out

  • Highly Functional

 Ask these questions before getting started:

  • Does it affordable for me to learn how to make and develop a website?
  • Will the website that I am building work well?
  • Do I have enough time to do it by myself?
  • Do I have the right knowledge to build an effective website, not just a web page?

    Your website is essential to your online business, so invest your time and money in the right place.
    Always working with an expert will cost less, and the result will be way better.

Also, try to answer these questions to see if your website is effective enough:

  1. Is your website mobile friendly?
  2. Does your website load correctly in modern web browsers?
  3. Do you have the answers to frequently asked questions ( FAQ ) for your users on your website?
  4. Does your website show your business personality?
  5. Is your website up-to-date?
  6. How easy can your users find your services and products on your website?
  7. Are your policies and terms of use easy to find?