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At PIC2MOTION, we pride ourselves on fostering an environment that nurtures talent, encourages growth, and celebrates creativity. When you become a part of our team, you’re stepping into an exciting world of opportunities. Here’s what makes PIC2MOTION a great place to work:

Innovative Projects: We work on a wide range of projects spanning various industries. Join us to work on exciting assignments that challenge and inspire.

Collaborative Culture: Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Our open and inclusive culture ensures that every team member’s voice is heard and valued.

Continuous Learning: We invest in our employees’ professional growth. You’ll have access to training, workshops, and mentorship programs to enhance your skills and expertise.

Work-Life Balance: We believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our flexible work arrangements ensure you have time for your personal life and passions.

Diversity and Inclusivity: PIC2MOTION values diversity and inclusivity. We’re proud of our diverse team and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

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Currently, there are no vacant positions available.

Job Title: Freelance Video Editor

Company: PIC2MOTION Inc.

Location: Remote

About Us:
PIC2MOTION Inc. is a dynamic and innovative marketing company dedicated to delivering innovative marketing solutions that drive growth, enhance brand visibility, and foster meaningful connections with audiences worldwide.

We seek a talented Freelance Video Editor to join our team and contribute to our growing portfolio of compelling video content.

Job Description:

As a Freelance Video Editor, you will be pivotal in creating engaging and visually stunning videos that align with our company’s objectives. Your expertise will bring our brand and ideas to life through various video formats, from short promotional clips to longer educational content. This is a remote freelance position, and we welcome applicants from anywhere worldwide.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Video Editing: Edit content that meets our creative and technical standards, ensuring visual and auditory excellence.
  2. Content Variety: Create videos of different lengths and styles, including but not limited to promotional videos, educational tutorials, product demos, and more.
  3. Storyboarding: Collaborate with the team to develop and refine video concepts and storyboards.
  4. Asset Management: Organize and manage video assets, ensuring efficient storage, retrieval, and organization of media files.
  5. Quality Assurance: Review and enhance audio, video, and graphics quality to ensure the final product meets our high standards.
  6. Timely Delivery: Deliver completed video projects within specified deadlines.


  • A strong portfolio showcasing your video editing skills, including various video types and styles.
  • Proficiency in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or similar tools.
  • A creative eye for detail, color, composition, and storytelling.
  • Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with the team and understand project requirements.
  • Ability to work independently and meet deadlines.
  • Access to necessary video editing equipment and software.
  • Familiarity with audio and music editing is a plus.
  • Experience with motion graphics or animation is a bonus.

How to Apply:

To apply for this freelance position, please submit the following:

  1. Your resume or CV detailing your relevant experience.
  2. A link to your portfolio showcasing your video editing work.
  3. A list of your service prices, including rates for different types of video projects.
  4. A brief cover letter introducing yourself and explaining why you are an ideal fit for this role.

Application Deadline: End of October 2023

Note: This is a freelance position, and compensation will be based on the agreed-upon rates for individual projects.

Join PIC2MOTION and be part of a creative and dynamic team dedicated to producing high-quality video content. Your expertise and passion for video editing will contribute to our mission and help us deliver outstanding visual experiences to our audience.

PIC2MOTION Inc. is an equal-opportunity employer and welcomes applications from candidates of all backgrounds and experiences.